Xavier Bernúdez

Xavier Bermúdez

He was born in Ourense in December 1951. In 1973 he moved to Madrid to study film. He starts as a scriptwriter, director and assistant director in several short films. He directs the shorts: "La hija del anarquista" (1980) and "Canción de cuna" (1990), and in 1992 he filmed his first feature film "Luz negra." In 1994, he founded in A Coruña, along with Manane Rodríguez and Luis Fernández the production company Xamalú Filmes. In 1997 he made "Niña" In 2004, he won the "Best Director" award at the Karlovy Vary festival with "León y Olvido." He alternated his work as a director with those of scriptwriter, producer and scriptwriter professor during the last 25 years. In 2007 he directs "Rafael." The last film he directed so far is "El oro del tiempo." With his films as a director he has won 15 international awards and the Special Prize of the Málaga Jury. He is currently preparing the second part of "León y Olvido" ("Olvido y León") that will be co-produced by Xamalú Filmes and Digital Cine Media and finalizing the documentary montage for TV "Dad's Dream".

Director Xavier Bermúdez
Executive Producer Manane Rodríguez
Script Xavier Bermúdez
Manane Rodríguez
Director of Photography Jaime Pérez
Music Nani García
Production Manager Xosé Pedreira Sánchez
Production Assistant Carlota Dans
Image Editor Vanessa García Sampedro
Direct Sound Alberto Blanco
Con la colaboración de
Borja Freire
Jorge Colado
Sound edition & mixer Alberto Blanco
Colourist Fernando Alfonsín
Collaboration as interns Inés Pérez Rey
Lucía Fernández
Sarayd Ramil
Rocío Varela







We continue shooting


We have gone out to film again despite the cold Galician winter.

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Filming days

We have gone back to shoot after a while without doing it. The weather does not help much because this winter has been hard for Galicia but nothing stops us or the children footballers.

We are almost finished filming and in a few weeks we will start with the editing of the documentary.

We will keep you informed of all the advances.

More Women


In a break, the crew of the documentary Dad's Dream joined the request for More Women #másmujeres in front and behind the camera.

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#morewomen - We joined

The last gala of the Goya awards was invaded by red fans as an initiative of the Association of Women Filmmakers and Audiovisual Media to call for greater participation of women in the world of cinema. The fans were dressed by both, women and men, who according to the precursors of the initiative, "must be present."

"Please, more women making movies", asked the filmmaker Carla Simó after receiving the Goya for the best novel direction for her film "Summer 1993".

From Xamalú Films we join the request and we dyed the filming of Dad's Dream in red with these protest fans, who advocate a greater equality of participation between men and women in the audiovisual world.

We are editing!


The edition started a few weeks ago and soon we will have a small preview to show you.

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Editing the documentary

A few weeks ago we started with the edition with the participation of the director, the editor Vanessa García Sampedro and the student trainee Sarayd Ramil.

It is a stage of realization that is very important and involves a lot of dedication. We are working on the first cut and in a small preview so they can see.

Soon you will be able to see our TEASER!